League Rules

1)   Throwing distance & heights are as laid down by all major Darts Organisations or Leagues. These being, Dart board must be 5`8” from centre of bullseye to the floor. The throwing distance must be 7`9.25” from the throwing line (ochi) to the board. A diagonal measurement from the bullseye to the throwing line (ochi) must be 9`7.5”. A raised ochi is not essential, but would be preferred if possible to stop players overstepping the throwing line


2)   All games to be straight  a start, and finish on a double. Bullseye to count as double 25. The bust rule to apply. The players must set for bullseye at the start of the first leg, home team to set first, nearest to bull starts all other legs will be alternate start. If the first person to set, hits a 25 or Bull, they may only remove the dart if asked to do so by the opponent. If both darts seem to be at an equal distance from the Bull, the scorer must decide who is closest. If the scorer cannot decide then both players must set again. If a player touches their darts, they will render their shot void, and it will awarded to their opponent. When a player hits the required double (game shot), any further darts hitting the scoring area of the board, will render that shot bust, and they must return to the required double 


3)   All matches to be played on a Thursday evening, (Unless otherwise arranged) with a 8:20 p.m. draw time, for a 8:30 p.m. start. Each team captain may select his own choice of pairs partners, but must do a blind draw to determine their opponents. Singles to be a straight blind draw. 

A team can play with a minimum of 4 players, any less and they will have to forfeit the game by a

9 - 0 loss


4)   All players do not have to be present when the draw is made, but must be present when their game is due to start. Once a player has been entered on the score card, they cannot be substituted for another player, they must forfeit their game. The only exception would be in extreme cases (i.e. someone being called away etc).  Although on league nights exceptions can be made for shift workers, by the agreement of both captains. Persons who ask to go on early will be expected to leave as agreed, and should not still be at the venue at the end of the evening. Persons doing so will not be allowed to do so at any future games.


5)   Once a player has played for one team in the league, they may not play for any other team within the league. Special circumstances may be considered. If a player wants to change team for whatever reason, it must be put in writing to League Secretary who will with Committee make a decision


6) *   It was decided at the A.G.M on 5th October 2017, that no team would be allowed to postpone a match and play at a later date. A team can play with a minimum of 4 players if need be. If a team postpones a game they must forfeit the game with a 9 - 0 to their opponents. But the league must be notified of any postponements. If a team does decide not to turn up for whatever reason they could incur a £10 fine for any food which has been prepared by opposing team. Teams who fail to pay this would not be allowed to play again until the fine is paid. This will stop the backlog of re-arranged games. The only time a game could be postponed is if there is a problem which is out of the hands of the teams or committee


7)   All scoreboards must be clearly visible to all players at all times, and in front of the throwers. All playing areas must be lit to an adequate standard, and all boards must be up to a good playing standard on match nights. The only dartboards recognised as match boards are those of the standard black & beige main colour, (the doubles & treble & bullseye colours may vary depending on make).  Any other colour board (i.e. John Smiths green, Guinness black, football teams, etc) are not seen to be a match standard board. Any team turning up at any venue, has the right to refuse to play on any board not seen fit to play on. This includes colour and general condition, & position of scoreboard & bad lighting etc.


8)  The competition for the highest checkout will count in both League and Competition matches, and will run until the  Semi-Final stage of all competitions, it cannot be beaten on Finals night. League 140’s & 180’s will count up till the last League match, but only in league  matches. All high checkouts must be registered on Result sheets, failure to do so could result on someone losing out on a trophy at the end of the season. This also applies to 180`s scored & 140’s  Full names must be entered on card


9)  If a player as a complaint during a match, they must bring it up straight away, and not wait until the  match is finished. If a complaint is brought to a Committee members attention early enough, it may be dealt with straight away. Most Committee members can be reached at some venue somewhere on all match nights. If a Committee member cannot be reached for whatever reason, don`t ring them in the middle of the night, after getting home from the pub, leave until the morning. All complaints will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Hopefully if a Committee member is present at the venue on the night in question they can deal with it on the spot.


10)  If a Committee member plays for any team or pub involved in a dispute, or the dispute concerns that person, that is brought before the Committee, that person or persons will be excluded from that meeting, or make a decision on any outcome


11 )  The League Committee has the power to put any team in any division it feels fitting that teams strength. This applies to relegation and promotion, and any new teams coming into the League


12)* A maximum of up to two women will be allowed to play for any team within this league , but only 2, not 2 in the pairs and 2 in the singles. teams playing more than 2 women will lose any points scored by those women in question


13)  Any teams or person found to be acting in an unsportsmanlike manner,  bullying, intimidating or threatening any other team or team members (race, religion & sex etc), or team supporters and Landlords / Landladies etc, could face ejection from the League if the Committee sees it fit to do so


14)  Winning teams who fail to put in their score sheets on time, will lose any points gained for the match in question, and the match will be classed as void . The winning captain / team, must put in result card. All Score cards must be correctly filled in and signed by both team captains Any cards that do not have team names on will be classed as void, and no team will get any points


15)  Teams who do not pay their Registration and/or Competition fees, and/or still owe money to the League, will not be allowed to enter the League the following season  


16) All players must be signed on before playing in a League or Competition Match. If you need to sign on a new player on a match night, you must enter their name on result of play card, stating he/she is a new player, and both captains must sign the card for verification. This cannot be done on a competition night 


17)  The League format is as follows:- 3 pairs, best of 3 legs of 601,  6 singles, best of 3 legs of 501. If for any reason (i.e. you have a player on shift work), at the agreement of both captains, you can play them in a different order. You could play 2 pairs, 1 single, 1 pair, 4 singles or any format to suit if the occasion arises. But players not there when scheduled to play, will forfeit their game


18)  Committee members must do the draw at any competition venues they are playing at, if asked to do so. Committee members failing to do so could be asked to stand down as a Committee member.    


19) If a team drops out of the League at any time during the League cycle, all of their games will be classed void, and any points won by them and their opponents will be deducted, this also includes high checkouts and scores of 180 & 140's

20)  If a team or players that have dropped out of the League have reached the semi-final stages of any competition, then the team or players they beat in the final of their respective venue, will be put through in their place to avoid having byes in the semi-finals.


21) All scorers shall remain unbiased at all times, and only tell a player what is needed verbally, and not by taking the score off the scoreboard, unless asked to do so by a player. A scorer must not tell a player what double required, just tell them the score required (i.e. “Thirty Two required” and not “Double sixteen required”). Any scoring mistakes must be rectified immediately. The scorer will act as referee in any match they are scoring. All persons acting as a scorer must be a team player, not a spectator, and be competent with using a score board.    


   22)* All persons acting as scorers should be competent with using a scoreboard. If a person cannot     use a scoreboard it can cause problems which be off putting to both players. If a team captain feels      there is a problem with a scorer, they can ask to have them changed for a different scorer. All scorers    must remain vigilant at all times, and not using their mobile phones or talking to persons around        them. E.cigerettes are not to be smoked whilst scoring


23)  A Landlord / Licensee shall, if the need arises, to play for more than one team within their pub / club. This means that if the Landlord / Licensee normally plays for the “A” team, but cannot travel with them to an away match, and is left at his premises, if the “B” team playing at home were short, they could play to make up the number. But this would only be allowed if that team was short. If Landlords / Licensees are found to be doing this when the team is not short, this rule could be stopped But they can only play for one team on any said night,  not play in the pairs for one team on one board then in the singles for the other team on another board      


24)  In the event of two teams finishing on level points and leg difference, at the top   of their division, at the end of the season, a play off on a neutral board will take place to determine Divisional Winners


26) No person shall be allowed to stand alongside a player whilst on the ochi coaching them. If a player needs to ask for help with a checkout they must do so before going to the ochi. Only one person should be on the ochi at any one time, and that is the player who is throwing. Any other person standing on the ochi can be asked to move away. The only person who should tell a player what is required, during a  visit to the ochi, is the scorer, (when asked by player) but only tell them what score they require, not how to go for it, or what double they require.


26) Any perpetual trophies won by any team,or player, will be the responsibility of the team / person winning the trophy, and returned to the League at the end of the season, in the same condition in which they received it. Any broken or lost trophies must be reimbursed for


27) Any player found to be playing for a team within a different league on a Thursday night during our league cycle, will be ejected from our league. This would only be allowed if either leagues playing cycle had finished


     Amended at the Autumn - Winter  2019 - 2020 Season A.G.M.     

Competition Rules

 1)      All Competitions to be played  on a Thursday Evening (unless otherwise arranged), with an 8:20p.m  draw,                and a 8:30 pm start of Play

 2)     All competitors must register with the designated drawmaster/mistress, and be present when the draw is                   made

 3)     If a player / team knows they are going to be late, they must let the Drawmaster or venue know. Persons /                    teams failing to do so will be excluded from the draw.

 4)      All Competition venues to be determined by the Committee at the time of the Competition draws being                    made. All venues will chosen as to size and availability etc. All teams all enter the Competitions will be                      given at least one venue. Teams who do not  enter may not be given any venues


 5)     All Competitions will be played on a neutral board, and no player / team will be allowed to play on their                   own home board 

 6)     A substitute may be allowed to play in any  Competition, except any Singles Knockout. But any Substitute              must start at the beginning of the nights play, no substitutions will be allowed once the nights play has                      commenced. If a substitution is to be made, at least 50% of the original team must still be playing in that                     team.   If that team gets through to the next round, the must keep the same team that got through.                                 Substitutions should be notified to League Secretary at least 24 hours beforehand

 7)     All normal league rules will apply in  all Competitions

 8)    The playing formats for the Competitions are as follow:- Team K.O. best of 3 legs of 1001. Three's K.O. best of           3 legs of 701.  Pairs  K.O. best of 3 legs of 601. All Singles K.O's (including Captains, Over 50's & 60's) will be             the best of 3 legs of 501. All Competitions will be best of 5 legs in Semi - Finals & Finals

 9)    All Players / Teams will be expected to score the next game after losing. Persons / Teams failing to to do so                will be excluded from further competitions

 10)   All Semi - Finals and Finals will be played on the designated nights,  The only exception to this rule will be             sudden inclement weather (snowfall etc), or an extreme emergency. The Committee will decide if the reason            is valid or not

 11)   Any perpetual trophies won by a player / team will be responsability of the  Person / Team who win them,                  and they must return them in the same condition in which they received them. Any trophies lost or broken                must be reimbursted

These rules were laid  down at a Committee Meeting on Tuesday 14th February 2017