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League Constitution

1. The league is to be called "The Sittingbourne & District Mens (Open) Darts League.

2. The league to present a set of general playing rules which must be available to every team within the league, the rules of which can only be changed at an A.G.M.

3. The league must form a Committee, whose duty is to see the league is run in the appropriate manner, this Committee will be made up of the following officers :

a. Chairman, who will chair all meetings,and has a casting vote on any tied votes at meetings.

b. Vice-Chairman, who will act as Chairman in his absent.

c. Treasurer, who will control all league finances, including collection of all league fees etc

d. Secretary, who will make a record of all meetings, including A.G.M's and prepare all Agenda's for any meetings and A.G.M's these will be the "Minutes".

e. A fixture secretary who must be a committee member, but can be any of the above.

f. An odd number of other committee members (3 or 5) who will assist all the above where possible.

4. All teams will be required to pay League Registration and Competition Fees, will be set at  each A.G.M, which will go towards purchasing trophies for League and Competition winners.

5. The league must have a bank account, which will be used to deposit all or any money left of trophies over after purchase and all expenses are taken out. This will only be accessed by designated consignees.    

 (a) account books must be presented for scrutiny by any member if asked.

 (b) account books must be presented at all A.G.M's

6. The league will hold regular Committee Meeting's where all competition draws will be made and any complaints dealt with. 

7.  Any complaints must be put in writing to the Committee, and signed by the sender.

8. Any proposals put forward must be proposed and seconded before being accepted.


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