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Competition Rules

1)            All Competitions will be played on a Tuesday night with a 8:15 p.m. start time, with the draw being made at 8:10 p.m. Persons/ Teams turning up after the draw time (Without Notification) will be excluded from the draw.

2)            All Competition fees must be paid by a preset date, which will be notified on the fixture sheets, which are sent out to all teams at the start of the season. Any teams not paying by that date will not be entered into the draw.

3)            All Competition forms must state all persons wishing to be entered into the Competition draws. Any names not registered will not be entered. No Name, No Entry.  Full names must be entered not initials

4)            All Competition draws will done in front of witnesses (who do not have to be playing league members), and signed by those persons doing the draw.

5)            Once players have been picked to play at a venue, that is the venue they must play at. No changing of venues to suit players. The only exception would be two teams being made into just one team. If a player is barred from a venue they are picked to play at they must apply to the Committee in writing to request a change of venue.

6)            All Competition venues will be chosen by the Committee, depending on size, availability etc. All teams who enter Competitions will get at least one venue. Teams who do not enter Competitions may not get venues.

7)            A drawmaster/mistress will be designated at all venues, and that person is responsible for doing the draw. All players/ teams must report to that person when arriving at the venue, failure to do so could mean exclusion from the draw. The drawperson has the power to exclude any persons turning up late (without prior notice). The drawperson is responsible to notify the League Secretary of the venue winner

8)            If there are any byes, they must be in the first round of the nights play

9)            All losing players / teams must score the next game after losing. Persons refusing to score will be excluded from any further Competitions. The person scoring any Competition game is the referee of the game they are scoring.

10)         All general league rules will be adhered to at Competitions

11)         Any player who starts the nights play, must play in any further games on the night. No substitutes to be made once the nights play has started. A substitute may be used in the first round of a competition, but must continue if  the team get through to the next round of the competition. The only exception would be in a Singles Competition, where a substitute would not be allowed under any circumstances.

12)         In a Captains Competition, the registered Captain will be the only person allowed to play, no other player will be allowed to take the place of the registered Captain.

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