Division One

5x Diogo Portela (The Bull)

3 x Dan Slater (Rose & Crown Archers)

2 x Mark Horn (Rose & Crown Archers)

2 x Laurence Parker (Stumble Inn "A)

2 x Matt Hill (Stumble Inn "B")

1 x Mark Lynch (Appleyard Academicals)

1 x Wayne Phipps (Appleyard Academicals)

1 x Mike Vitler (Beauty of Bath)

1 x Tony Vitler (Beauty of Bath)

1 x Tom Hunter (The Billet)

1 x Liam Kennedy (The Billet)

1 x Lee Pitts (The Billet)

1 x Alan Prime (The Billet)

1 x Pete Stevenson (The Billet)

1 x Paul Gilbert (The Bull)

1 x Dan Lauby (The Bull)

1 x Andy McCrory (The Bull)

1 x Rob Dell (Gore Court Posties)

1 x Pete Woolton (Gore Court Posties)

1 x Pat Hudson (Stumble Inn "A)

1 x Danny Saville (Stumble Inn "A")

1 x Ashleigh Taylor (Stumble Inn "B")

1 x Kyle Walsh (Stumble Inn "B")

1 x Vinny Walsh (Stumble Inn "B")

1 x Marc Edwards (Stumble Inn "D")

1 x Mouse Edwards (Stumble Inn "D")

1 x Charlie Brown (White Horse Whippets)

Division Two


3 x Jeff Cook (Kings Head G & T's)

2 x Bob Harbour (Kings Head Family)

2 x Michael Martin (Kings Head G & T's)

2 x Gary Davies (White Horse Rebels)

1 x Michael Brown (Bunters)

1 x Dave Botterill Jnr (Kings Head Family)

1 x  Dave Botterill Snr (Kings Head Family)

1 x Jeff Cook (Kings Head G & T's)

1 x Mitch Coleman (Red Lion Lobbers)

1 x Harry Austin (White Horse "A")

1 x Jonny Hunt (White Horse Rebels)

133's & 171's 

Only scores of 133 scores with 2 x treble 19 & 1 x single 19 will count (This is a 19 players 140), no other scores between 133 & 140 will be accepted


1 x Andy McCrory (The Bull)


The only scores between 170 - 180 that will be accepted, is 171, but this must be 2 x Treble 19 & 1 x Single 19 (this is a 19 players 180) no other scores in that range will be accepted, i.e. 174 or 177 etc